Work with FoxLeap

As of December 2016, FoxLeap currently consists of a core team of 4 members, and to date has hired over 20 independent contractors. We are always keeping an eye out for talented and experienced individuals for our next projects. If you have a passion for VR game development, want to work from home, and possess a skillset that you think would bolster FoxLeap's growth and success, we'd like to hear from you.

There are many positions we are interested in acquiring. Payment invariably depends on experience and overall level of dedication / contribution. Our games are played by thousands of people, and seen by 1 million +, so for less experienced applicants we also offer 'Credit Only' and Fellowship (For exposure initially, with eligibility of being hired on ) positions for the below items.

  • 3D Character Modeling/Animation Artist - Model and animate characters, creatures, and other moving game assets. 
  • 3D Environment Artist - Design and create the levels & maps for future FoxLeap titles. Pay depends on quality of product, scope of the project, and overall project revenue. 
  • Intern Programmer - Own a VR headset, know Unity3D, program in C#, and want to be involved in the development of full Steam game releases? Gain experience coding and implementing as a programmer at FoxLeap. This is a fellowship position, with eligibility to become a full member of the team.
  • Sound Engineer - In charge of the vast majority of all sound effects, music presentation, editing, and foley for future FoxLeap releases. This position is being offered For Credit or as a Fellowship position only.
  • Composer - If you are a composer / musician, send us samples of your music. We will hold on to your information, and when we're hiring for a future project, we will reach out to you if interested in acquiring your work.
  • Graphic Artist / Illustrator (Games) - If illustration, game art assets, and concept art are what you do best, we'd love see your portfolio and your rates. Applicants will be considered depending on their experience and quality of work. Applicants with little experience will be considered For Credit.
  • Content Graphics Design (Web/Media) - When we run Kickstarter campaigns or generate promotional materials, we need a knowledgeable graphic artist to put together banners, edit and design logos, construct templates, and various other non-game-art related content. 

Send all Applications to:

Please be clear with what position you wish to fill, any skills you would bring to the FoxLeap team, any prior relevant experience, and what your goals working with us are. Applicants from the Portland, Oregon area and those with verifiable experience (released games, portfolio showcases) will be considered with more weight.