Be part of the "Atari-Age" of VR

Hire a VR Developer to turn your game idea into a Reality

I develop VR games professionally, using Unity3D and both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. I have released 3 games on Steam in this last year alone. My "jack-of-all-trades" skillset drastically reduces the industry standard costs of development, allowing me to simultaneously be your project's programmer, composer (examples here), sound engineer, writer, level designer, 3D/2D graphic artist, publisher for Steam & Oculus, marketing professional, store page manager, and forum administrator, as needed. With extensive knowledge of VR graphics optimization, comfort options, and locomotion methods, I can make your game run smoothly, look beautiful, and play comfortably.

Bring Your VR Game Concept to Life

Hire me to develop your VR Game concept for the HTC Vive and/or Oculus Rift. Anything from arcade puzzlers to action shooters, story-driven RPGs to addictive platformers; I've made it all. Whatever your idea, I will bring it to life quickly and affordably. Games are made entirely in Unity3D using the C# programming language.

Marketing, Publishing, and Sales

Your game, your sales. Having established partnerships with Steam and the Oculus Store, as your contractor I can build your store presence and help get your VR Game published and released into the market, full with advertising, trailers, screenshots and game art. All sales revenue from your game goes right into your pocket!

Flexible Services for Your Budget

I work within the margins of your project budgetary goals. Not all games need original scores or intricate custom-made 3D models, and costs can be greatly reduced by not having to create these assets from scratch. My services are flexible, allowing you full control over the total cost of development. I am also willing to work with a team, and provide my skills as needed.

Lasting Post-Release Support

Find a bug that needs fixing? Want to add new content or gameplay? No problem. As an ongoing service, I can stick around for support and maintenance. This includes answering technical questions on the player forums, patching any bugs discovered after release, and being available for content expansions and gameplay updates.

Current Availability

Regardless of availability, please reach out via the form at the end of this page. I may be just finishing up with another client and looking for the next project to begin.

Tristan Hodges is currently:

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Pricing & Agreement Information

As projects drastically vary in complexity and scale, pricing depends heavily on the scope and total time-investment required for the game to be completed. The important guidelines are as follows:

  • All fees and costs are to be decided and agreed upon before the project begins.
  • Payment of "Estimated Content Fees" is due up front, as the funds will be used to procure any associated assets required for development of the project. Remainder of payment is due upon project completion.
  • I do not charge hourly. Instead, my fees are estimated before the project begins, and are based on 1) chosen services, 2) content/asset requirements, 3) total complexity/scope, and 4) time required to bring project to completion.
  • Estimates / Consultations are provided at no charge via use of the form at the bottom of the page.
Basic Packages & Optional Services

You're in the driver's seat as much as you desire to be. You can tell me exactly how you want your project to look/play/feel, or conversely leave many of the details to me. Do you want AAA graphics, or more of a low-poly style? Do you want a vast open world experience, or map-based gameplay? Do you have an artist, composer, modeler, or specific assets in mind? Or shall I take care of all of that for you? Do you wish to have your game published on Steam, or do you wish to distribute it on your own? These are questions to ask yourself as you consider the below list of what I can do for you.

Basic Packages

  • Prototype/Demo Only - Do you need a VR prototype or demo made? I can put it together quickly and affordably.
  • Full VR Game - I will develop your concept into a full VR game for either the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or both. Without any Optional Services added, this package includes 1) All agreed upon gameplay functionality, 2) Game made according to the requested graphics fidelity/style, 3) All required 3D models/characters/UI screens/2D assets, 4) Basic sound engineering/SFX, including stock music or your chosen (owned) music. The game will be delivered to you by the deadline agreed upon, and afterwards will be yours to distribute as you desire.
  • Work With Existing Team - Are you a game developer looking for extra help? Do you have team members already in place and need someone who can work alongside them? No problem. I am happy to join any team on a per-project basis.

Optional/Addon Services

  • Original Sound Track - I have been composing music for 15 years. My background is in melodical piano, and I've written music for almost every kind of project in nearly every genre. You can listen to examples from previous game releases here: Sample Compositions on SoundCloud. I offer my services as a composer for your VR game. Price ranges per piece depending on overall budget, instrumentation requested, and intricacy of composition desired.
  • Multiple VR Headset Support - I can develop games for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. However, making a game that runs on both systems requires extra work. For instance, while the Vive is roomscale, the Rift is standing only by default, so to support both systems would require the game to be playable in both modes. 
  • Publishing & Marketing - Get your game out onto the market and make money! With my established partnerships with Valve and Oculus, I'll help get your game published and made available for purchase. All net sales (less handling/transfer/VAT fees) will be paid to you in monthly increments, with a minimum payment threshold of $100.
  • Store Presence - If published to Steam or the Oculus Store, I will build and manage your store pages, complete with creating an eye-catching game trailer, all necessary promotional art, screenshots, min/recommended hardware specs, SEO, game descriptions, and taglines.
  • Ongoing Support & Promotions - For 6 months I will manage any community forums associated with your game release, including answering questions, addressing user issues, and investigating reported bugs or problems. I will secure time-sensitive and lucrative promotional opportunities such as vendor sales and 3rd party VR bundle packs. I will provide press copies to popular "Let's Play" streamers and game reviewers for maximum exposure.

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