Tristan Hodges - Owner, Lead Programmer & Designer

Tristan has been designing and programming games since the age of 12. When he got his hands on a Vive in July 2016, within two months he had quit his job and produced his first VR title as a professional, The Crystal Nebula. His primary interest is in community involvement and game mechanics that break the hard-set norms that decades of non-VR gaming have solidified. To Tristan and his direction for FoxLeap, VR is a blank canvas, and we are getting a second chance at defining how games are to be played in the future.



Guerd Alberts - 3D Art Director | Dragon Skies VR

Guerd Alberts is the Bob Ross of 3D art, responsible for creating and detailing the world of Dragon Skies VR. He has been producing professional 3D art since the age of 19, and is currently working towards going full time in the industry.

See a portfolio of Guerd's work


Robert Olson - Marketing & Social Media

Robert Olson is a battle-tested business strategist and marketing expert. He has been involved with countless successful Kickstarters and startups, and has administrated for many gaming conventions such as PAX-west and GameStorm. Heading up community outreach and marketing, he is an invaluable addition to the FoxLeap team.


Judy Gordon - Writer & Acting Director | Dragon Skies VR

Judy is a published writer who has single-handedly created the world of Dragon Skies VR. She brought the project from a classical-styled RPG to a fully voice acted drama that plays like an interactive film. Bringing in-depth characters and worlds to life is her specialty, and lending FoxLeap her superb stage direction skills, she has provided Dragon Skies VR with some of the most professional voice acting to come out of an indie game studio.

e-mail: [tbd]